Short Stories and Flash Fiction

"Grotto": Short Story

man, surrealism, fantasy

“Grotto” tells the tale of Mason Buckley as he joins a new acquaintance on an adventure into the depths of a labyrinthian cave system. His acquaintance, a young woman named Katie, is an aspiring photographer who is teaching herself to “paint with light.” Where better to paint with light than somewhere that light cannot naturally reach? To access these locations, Katie has joined The Bluegrass Grotto, a caving club based in Kentucky. Strangely drawn to Katie, more curiosity than attraction, Mason agrees to accompany her on a caving trip with several other grotto members to help transport and operate her lights. There is something off about the cave, however, and the grotto members seem a bit too eager for new membership. Katie seems to be acting strangely, as well. Or maybe it’s all in his head. The dark can play games with your mind sometimes.

"Theodore's Beetle": Flash Fiction

vw beetle, volkswagen, classic car

“Theodores’ Beetle” is a short but heart wrenching tale of a graveyard shift security guard  that has taken on a heavy burden. The security guard works at a touristy crime museum, and one of the museum’s most popular attractions still has some baggage in its trunk…and a passenger in its seats.

"The Bed Where Lucy Died": Flash Fiction

house, architecture, bedroom

“The Bed Where Lucy Died” follows Arthur Jones as he struggles to deal with his wife’s passing. The couple purposefully moved deep into the woods to build their cabin and start their family as isolated as possible from the influence of the rest of the world. Now that Arthur is all alone, however, that isolation doesn’t seem like such a good thing anymore. He is lonely, that is for sure, but he may not be alone.