Author Biography

Born in Lexington, Kentucky and raised in East Tennessee, Wesley Adams (W. S. Adams) now resides just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. He lives in a small home overlooking the Tennessee River with his beautiful wife Lindsey (the model in the background picture), four dogs (Agora, Stu, Pickles, and Nan), a three legged cat (Nubbins), a king snake (Mojo), two birds (Meep the parrotlet and Tica the white capped pionus), and a burmese mountain tortoise (Ignacio). As with most aspiring writers, he loves to read. His tastes lean towards all things spooky, thought provoking, and southern gothic. He also enjoys a well written good versus evil story on occasion (the “His Dark Materials” series comes to mind). Currently unpublished, he hopes to change that soon and is working daily on short stories, flash fiction, and the ever-present novel that has been bouncing around inside his skull for as long as he can remember. Now that the novel has finally begun, he is documenting the entire process, warts and all, in a behind the scenes blog that shares the same name as his novel: “Hunger in the Valley.” Also included in this blog will be short story excerpts and the occasional book review. As most writers do, he has a day job (which he actually happens to be fond of) and most of his writing occurs in the evening/at night. The perfect time to pen scary stories. Keep up with progress on Hunger in the Valley in his blog, keep up with new announcements/every day life on Twitter (@WSAdamsStories), and keep up with his short stories by clicking the link at the top of the page. Stay spooky.


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